How to Manually Input an Activity on the RunKeeper App

iOS 7:

1. From the Start Tab, click the Log tab on the right of the screen

2. Select the Activity Type or press "More" to reveal more options!

3. Plug in your workout details such as distance, duration, and calories

4. Select More Details to enter your Equipment Type, Workout and other Activity Stats

5. Enter any notes or comments, share to Facebook/Twitter, etc

6. Press the green Save button at the bottom of the screen

1. From the Start tab, click the Log tab in the upper right hand corner
2. Select Activity
3. Select the Activity Type
4. Press "More" in upper right hand corner
5. Select your Gym Equipment and then click "RunKeeper" then "More Options" to return to activity stats
6. Enter your Activity Stats (duration, miles, & calories) and any notes, share to Facebook/Twitter, HR data, etc.
7. Press the green Save Activity button
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