Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Using Polar HRM with RunKeeper app

  1. Put on your Polar transmitter with Bluetooth® and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to wear your heart rate monitor and how to prep the device for your activity.
  2. Pair the Polar device with your Android  by going to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Bluetooth Settings. or on your iPhone by going to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled, and then press "scan for devices". A Polar device should appear in the list of Bluetooth devices, and when prompted for a passcode, enter "0000".
  3. Start your activity with RunKeeper and a heart icon will appear in the app to let you know that RunKeeper is tracking your heart rate.
  4. Once you complete your activity, your activity page on RunKeeper.com will display an average heart rate among the rest of your stats, and you will also be able to view your heart rate information on the chart alongside your pace, speed, and elevation for the activity.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor FAQ

What if the connection between my device and Polar HRM sensor is broken for some period of time?
Bluetooth will notify the RunKeeper App that it has lost connection and automatically reconnect as soon as the sensor comes back into range. For best results, sensor straps should be dampened before fastening strap to your chest.

How far away can the Polar HRM sensor be from the device and still be readable?
Working distance is a function of many things but generally, anything within 5' or 10' will be readable.

Why is my sensor not being picked up?
Most sensors "sleep" when not in use. You need to wake them up to use them. Heart rate monitors are typically the trickiest to wake up. If your skin is very dry, the sensors will not detect a heart rate and will not wake up. Wetting the heart rate monitor in the sink or applying electrode gel is recommended. If you have woken your sensor and it is still not detected, make sure you are near your bluetooth and that the battery is still good.

Will Polar Heart Rate Monitor Work with iPhone?
Yes, certain Polar devices will work with iPhones. Make sure to check before purchasing, however, because all devices are not compatible!

Can I set customized heart rate zones with RunKeeper?
Not yet, but we'd really like to. Right now, we use the standard heart rate zones, based on your age.

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