Connecting with Fitbit

To connect Fitbit to your RunKeeper account, go to RunKeeper web Settings and select Apps. Here you will find Fitbit in the list of apps, to activate the connection click the "Connect to Fitbit" button.


We currently input 24 hour stats from Fitbit, not individual activities, so you will not see duplicate activities.

Data only flows from Fitbit to RunKeeper, and not vice versa. We'd love a bi-directional flow, too. Contact Fitbit support to make this happen!

About Fitbit
Fitbit tracks your motion all day and night, allowing you to see how active you are, and inspiring you to walk more and do more. Set goals and track the following:

  • Total steps taken during the day
  • Total daily calories burned
  • Total daily calories consumed
  • How long & how well you sleep
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