How To Create A Route

There are two methods to create a Route, manually & from a previous activity.

Manually create a new Route

  • Log into
  • Go to Routes by selecting your "Me Tab" and then "Routes"
  • Select Create A New Route and plot your route
  • When plotting is complete, enter route type, name, description, and set who the route is "Viewable By"
  • Finally, select Save, and your new route will be added to your routes

Create a route from a previous activity

  • Go to your Activities page on
  • Find the activity you would like to set as a route
  • Select activity, then find link to “Make this a Route” in map footer
  • Once added, you can edit map, route type, name, description and who can see it
  • When finished, select Save, and the route will be added to your routes!

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