Understanding Your Android Tracking Screen

Ready to track? Navigate to the Start tab in the app and let's go!

After starting an activity, you will see three default statistics: 

  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Current Pace & Average Pace 


You can swipe to view for more statistics:

  • Swipe Left for your Splits screen
  • Swipe Right for the Map View of your activity


Selecting the Setting's button in the bottom left-hand corner will show your Activity Options panel. From here you can choose to:

  • Display your Calories 
  • Switch to Stopwatch Mode (for tracking indoors)
  • Change screen orientation to Landscape
  • Activate Satellite Map view
  • Make the appearance of the tracking screen background darker with Night Mode
  • Turn your audio cues on/off with the Audio Stats option 


How to Pause or Stop An Activity:

Pressing the Pause button will allow you to either Resume or Stop your activity.

Selecting the Stop button will bring you to the Save Screen


*To learn more about your Save Screen, please refer to this article here!

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