How to Share to Social Media: Android

Here's an overview of the new and improved sharing flow in the Android app:

Choose the way you want your Activity to Share

If you tap directly on the share button when entering an activity, you will now be brought to the new share screen. Here you can choose the way you'd like your activity to share by tapping on the three options on the top of your screen. Here are the options you can choose from:

  1. A photo with the Runkeeper stats overlay
    Important Note: (If a photo was selected previously from the Review and Save Screen or taken while tracking, that photo will populate automatically. Press the retake button if you want to use the live photo option)

  2. A map of your activity
    Important Note: In order to have your map shared, your 'Map's Views Settings' will need to be set to 'Everyone'.

  3. A blue graphic with your activity stats

After making your selection, tap the 'Share' button and pick what social channel you'd like to post to from the scrollable options listed, then sit back and watch the likes roll in! 


Add a photo after saving your activity? 

No problem! Just select the activity you'd like to add the photo to from your activities list, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Edit Activity

From your Review and Save screen tap on the camera icon and choose between "Use the Camera" or "Pick from Gallery."


After deciding what image you want to have shared with your activity, click the Save button and then the Share button on the next screen.

If you are using an iPhone then please check out this article.




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