New Android Sharing Flow!

If you don’t share your run, did it really happen? Well of course it did, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't know about the pavement you just crushed! With Runkeeper’s new sharing flow on Android, not only has sharing your activities become easier, but the entire process has been dressed up in some new duds that will impress on any social media platform.

Before, you would have to make sure that Facebook or Twitter was toggled on before saving to get that activity shared, and if you forgot to toggle those on, sharing after the fact wasn’t the greatest experience! Now, the sharing experience has been optimized for the activity summary screen!

After saving your activity, there are two ways you can add and share a photo.

Add Photo from Review & Save Screen

To add a photo this way, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner and select Edit Activity

If you didn't select/upload a photo from the Save Screen previously, or want to add a new photo instead, you can still do that here on the Review and Save screen. Tap on the camera icon (if photo was selected beforehand, just tap on the image thumbnail that will be present) and choose between "Use the Camera" or "Pick from Gallery."


After deciding what image you want to have shared with your activity, click the Save button and then the Share Button on the next screen (three dots connected by two lines) and tap on the orange Share button. 

Add Photo With New Camera Overlay Screen 

If you tap directly on the Share Button when entering an activity, you will now be brought to the new share screen. Here you can choose to either;

  1. Take a Photo with the Runkeeper Stats Filter
    Important Note: (If a photo was selected previously from the Review and Save Screen or taken while tracking, that photo will populate automatically. Press the retake button if you want to use the Live Photo option)

  2. Select the Map of your activity
    Important Note: In order to have your Map shared, your Map's Views Settings will need to be set to Everyone.

  3. Choose a default Blue Graphic 

After making your selection, simply tap the Share button and pick what social channel you'd like to post to from the share sheet.


My personal favorite is Instagram, because when you're sweaty post-run, you can show off the rubber ducky that's about to jump in the bath with you.





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