iOS Start Screen

Here's a quick guide on how to navigate around the start screen on your iPhone device. The plus (+) icon in the top right corner of your screen allows you to manually log an activity. This feature is helpful if you forgot to track an activity.

Press the gear icon in the top left corner of your start screen to update your activity settings. 

There's a four-card view at the bottom of your start screen that will allow you to easily glide through the process of adjusting your activity settings! 

Activity Card: This card will give you the option of selecting your activity. If you don't see your option initially, just tap on 'More...' and a longer list of choices will drop down. 

Workout Card: From here you'll be able to choose what type of Workout you want to complete. If you're signed up for a Training Plan and have a workout scheduled that day, it'll be shown here. Not signed up for one yet? Tap on 'Start a Training Plan' and you'll be directed to the Training plan Tab where you can sign up for one! Also, you can design/select a Custom Workout, or structure your activity based on Distance, Duration or Pace.

Stopwatch Mode: There's a toggle at the top of the Activity Card, so switching from GPS mode to Stopwatch mode is a breeze. 

Music Card: Your playlist from Spotify and iTunes can be chosen from this card, or if you want to get your jams from outside the app- no worries, just keep 'None' checked off.

Audio Stats Card: This card lets you toggle them on/off, and determine what voice you'd like to hear, how often you want to hear it, what stats will be announced, and how loud they'll be read during your activity.

 Once those are all set up, you're good to go and can press that big, beautiful orange Start button!






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