Android Wear

To get started, head to the Google Play Store on your Wear device and download the Runkeeper app.

The first thing you'll notice when signing into the app is the option to either sign in with your Google account on the watch itself, or an option that will prompt the sign in to occur on your phone. 

Important Note: If you're not sure which method to sign in with, the Maybe later option will allow you to track without logging into an account. However, you'll need to sign into an account upon completing a run in order to save it!

After signing in, you'll be asked to give Runkeeper access to your location. After tapping on the blue check mark you'll then be given two options before tracking:

  • Run With Phone Option will let you track with your phone and watch. 
  • Run Without Phone This option will allow you to track without your phone and take advantage of the watch GPS!

Important Note: Options for Run With Phone and Run Without Phone will only appear for watches that have GPS, all other watches will be directed immediately to the start screen upon signing in. From there you can begin a run on your phone or the watch.

Upon selecting your tracking mode, the start button (play icon) will appear. Pressing that will trigger a 3-second countdown, and once that's over, your run will begin and the tracking screen will appear displaying:

  • GPS bar
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Average Pace

If you decide you want to pause your run while tracking, just swipe down on the tracking screen and tap the pause button. If you want to resume your run from there, just tap on the resume icon and you can continue your run. However, if you're done, just swipe down again and hold down on the Stop button.

Hold down on the Stop button until the red circle completely revolves around the screen. Then your activity will be saved and you'll be greeted with a Summary of your run!

Important Note: The Yellow Save button above will only appear if Maybe Later was selected before tracking. If you signed in beforehand, then your run will save after holding down on the Stop button.




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