Activity Syncing Issues

Sometimes activities won't sync if there isn't a good signal. It happens! We know this is a frustrating experience, especially if you keep seeing a "slow servers" error every time you try to save - or those dreaded red triangles. Luckily, we know of a few tricks that should help get you back on track. 

*First thing's first - do you have a good internet signal? If not, try finding one and resend your activities. Still not working? Please read on!

Further Troubleshooting:

- If you have a category (race, speed work, stroller run etc.), photo, notes, or smiley face (feeling) selected for those activities that aren't syncing, try editing them and removing that information - then try saving again. 

Still not working?

In that case, it sounds like there's a corrupt activity somewhere in your history. Don't be alarmed! Together we can fix this.

1. Locate the first/oldest activity that hasn't synced (it'll have a red triangle warning next to it). 

2. Tap into that activity and write down or screenshot all the info, so you don't lose it. 

3. Once you've saved that info, select "Delete Activity." 

4. Go to the next activity that didn't sync, and try resending it.

5. Continue resending each activity that didn't sync.

6. Are the red triangles disappearing? This means it worked! Now, you can re-enter the activity you deleted by manual logging.

Note: Sometimes you'll want to screenshot and delete more than one activity, but try it once first and see how it goes!

If none of these tips helped, please submit a request below so we can help.

Note: If your activities are unsynced, please do not log out or reinstall the app; this will delete any unsynced activities. 

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