Introducing: Our New Adaptive Running/Training Plans

*Currently available on iOS v8.0 with a Runkeeper Go subscription. (Android, you're next!)

Tired of the doing the same half marathon plan year after year? Looking for more variety? We hear you! Our old training plans are a thing of the past and what we have in store for you is bigger and better.

**Important note: If you're currently enrolled in one of our old training plans, once you complete it, it will no longer be available in the app or on the website - sorry! Please keep that in mind if you're considering leaving your plan to check out the new feature. That said, these new plans are a big improvement and we don't think you'll miss the old ones!

Introducing our new Race Training Plans!

Whether you're running for exercise or training for a race, this feature is here to support you.

PSA: Check out the new Video Tutorial section of the Help Center where you can watch a video demonstrating how the flow below works in real time!

Get Started!


- Head over to your My Plan tab.
- Toggle over from Goals to Training.
- Choose your Plan preference.
- If you're training for a race, select your distance.

Marathon Plans


- Select the date of your marathon.
- Choose your time goal

Running History


- To accurately create a plan according to your ability, share with us your longest recent run (better to under-estimate than to over-estimate!)
- If you ran a marathon, tell us how long it took; again, better to under-estimate if you don't have that data on hand!

When Do You Want to Train?


- Choose the days on which you want to train, then we'll build your plan using all the info you've given us!

Get On Your Level!


- Choose the level you want to train at - easy, normal, or hard.
- When you've chosen your level preference, tap the yellow "Finalize My Custom Plan" button on the bottom of the screen!
- And there you have it - your personalized running plan! Ready?




Questions, comments, concerns? We want to hear them! Our users make our world go 'round, so please share your thoughts by submitting a ticket here.


Now, in case you're concerned because you loved our old plans - don't worry. :) We were careful in considering our users' needs and tailored these plans to be more efficient and user-friendly than ever. What you liked about our old plans can absolutely be offered here. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goal!


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