Personalized Race Training Plans (Android)

Hey, Runkeepers! You might notice our training plans look a little different in the current app version compared to these screenshots. We're pushing out some great updates and these screens will vary for the time being. Thanks for your patience while we update this space!

*Available with a Runkeeper Go subscription.

Tired of the doing the same half marathon plan year after year? Looking for more variety? We hear you! Our old training plans are a thing of the past and what we have in store for you is bigger and better.

**Important note: If you're currently enrolled in one of our old training plans, once you complete it, it will no longer be available in the app or on the website - sorry! Please keep that in mind if you're considering leaving your plan to check out the new feature. That said, these new plans are a big improvement and we don't think you'll miss the old ones!

Get Started!


- Head over to your 'Training' tab.
- Toggle over from Goals to Training.
- Choose 'Train for a Race'
- Select your distance.

Marathon Plans


- Select the date of your marathon.
- Choose your time goal.

Important note: You won't be able to adjust the end date of your plan once you've set it up. If you need to change the date, you'll have to end your current plan and create a new one - sorry about that!

Running History


- To accurately create a plan according to your ability, share with us your longest recent run (better to under-estimate than to over-estimate!)
- If you ran a marathon, tell us how long it took; again, better to under-estimate if you don't have that data on hand!

When Do You Want to Train?


- Choose the days on which you want to train, then we'll build your plan using all the info you've given us!

Get On Your Level!


- Choose the level you want to train at - easy, normal, or hard.
- When you've chosen your level preference, tap the yellow "Finalize My Custom Plan" button on the bottom of the screen!
- And there you have it - your personalized running plan!

 Reschedule your workouts

Don't want your long runs to be on Sunday? Feeling sick and need to push back your Wednesday workout? No worries! You can reschedule the current week's workouts individually by tapping on the yellow date text just below the workout description in the middle of the workout cell.


Once you've selected the day and time you'd like to do that workout, just select 'Done' and your workout will be rescheduled!

Now, in case you're concerned because you loved our old plans - don't worry. :) We were careful in considering our users' needs and tailored these plans to be more efficient and user-friendly than ever. What you liked about our old plans can absolutely be offered here. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goal!


Questions, comments, concerns? We want to hear them! Our users make our world go 'round, so please share your thoughts by clicking the link below to submit a ticket.

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