Connecting with Fitbit

To connect your Fitbit account and your Runkeeper account, follow these instructions:

In the app:

Head to your Settings (located in the Me tab -- click the gear icon in the top right) then click on Apps, Services, & Devices.

  1.  Tap on the settings gear next to your profile picture, then tap on Apps, Services, and Devices
  2.  Under Services you should see the option to connect to Fitbit; tap on Fitbit
  3.  You'll be brought to the Fitbit sign-in page and all you have to do is sign in with your Fitbit username/email and password, and allow Runkeeper access.

Or, on the web:

  1. Log into, go to Settings, and select Apps.
  2. You will see Fitbit in the list of apps; all you have to do is click the "Connect to Fitbit" button and follow the prompts!

Fitbit activities will appear in both the Runkeeper app and on Fitbit steps are only available on the feed at this time.

About Fitbit
Fitbit tracks your motion all day and night, allowing you to see how active you are, and inspiring you to walk more and do more. You'll be able to see the following 24-hour stats in your feed after connecting your Runkeeper and Fitbit accounts:

  • Total steps taken during the day
  • Total daily calories burned
  • Total daily calories consumed
  • How long & how well you sleep

With some newer Fitbit devices, you can also track activities like running, hiking, spinning, etc. As of October 2017, these activities will sync over to Runkeeper, both in the app and on*! This will include actively tracked activities (as of November 2017, passively tracked Fitbit activities or "SmartTrack" activities will not sync to Runkeeper).

In addition to activities tracked on your Fitbit wearable device, Runkeeper will also sync over "Mobile Runs" tracked on your Fitbit mobile app.

Here's how your Fitbit activities will appear in Runkeeper:

  • Activity map (if tracked with GPS)
  • Distance and Pace (if tracked with GPS)
  • Duration
  • Calories
  • Heart Rate

These will appear just like activities tracked directly in the Runkeeper app:


For more information about how to track activities with your Fitbit, we recommend checking out their knowledge base article here!

Important Things to Note:

  • If your Fitbit has been connected to Runkeeper since prior to September 2017, your future Fitbit activities will automatically start syncing over-- no need to do anything! For your past Fitbit activities to sync over, you’ll just need to disconnect and reconnect Fitbit and Runkeeper, and those activities will be pulled to Runkeeper.
  • Data only flows from Fitbit to Runkeeper, and not vice versa. We'd love a bi-directional flow, too. Contact Fitbit support to make this happen!
  • At this time, Fitbit devices cannot be used as heart rate monitors when tracking directly with Runkeeper. Fitbit's hardware is designed to pair only with their software, so those devices are not compatible with our app at this time. 


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