Delayed Watch + Phone Connection

When tracking in Watch+Phone mode, users are reporting a delay between the devices. After starting the activity from the Watch, the phone app does not begin tracking immediately (users are seeing a delay of up to 90 seconds). Since the phone is tracking GPS and controlling audio, this means that until the phone app kicks in, distance and pace are not recorded and audio cues don't start.

Some tips that may help reduce the delay:

- Make sure the phone app is open at the moment you're ready to start the activity on the Watch

- Uninstall* the Runkeeper app, reboot the watch, and reinstall the phone app. Then, make a fresh connection between the devices.

- Track some "dummy" trips in Watch+Phone mode. Start on the Watch, wait for the phone app to kick in, and then stop/save the activity. Doing this several times may speed up the connection.

If you try those troubleshooting steps and you're still experiencing issues, please email us at and put "Apple Watch + Phone Delay" in the subject line, and we'll make sure you're updated when it's fixed!

*Make sure to double check that all your activities are listed on first before uninstalling, and be aware that custom workouts are saved locally on the Runkeeper app and will be cleared upon reinstall. Also, upon reinstalling you'll need to give Runkeeper Apple Health Permissions again in order to track with the Watch.


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