How To Find Your Friends On Runkeeper

Finding Friends on

  1. If you include your location information in Profile settings, then go to the Friends tab in your Runkeeper web dashboard to see a recommendation list of Local Runkeeper Users which is generated automatically based on your location information. You can also search for other users by name.

  2. Every user has a public URL. If you know your friend's username, type in your browser and it will take you to their public profile on the RunKeeper web dashboard.

To remove Friends: Go to their profile page and find "you are friends" on the left navigation panel, click the x and it will ask "Are you sure you want to remove 'friends name'?", then click ok.

Finding Friends on Mobile:

  • iOS: Tap on the "Search Runkeeper" cell and then type in your friends name in the search box! This requires your Friend to have their Full Name entered. If your Facebook account is connected, your Friends tab is populated with all of your FB friends who have a Runkeeper account! **Once you select the "Show Facebook Friends" option you will be able to add any of your contacts in your phone who have connected their Runkeeper account to Facebook. Once you've enabled this once the "Show Facebook Friends" button will disappear.** 
  • Android: At this time you can use the Facebook cell to navigate to your connected Facebook account to find your friends. You can also invite friends in your phone contact book via email to join Runkeeper!




Any of your contacts or FB friends who already have a Runkeeper account will have a Runkeeper logo next to their name! 

Inviting/Removing Friends:

1. Inviting: To send a Friend invite, go to user's profile page and click the + sign to the right of their profile picture. Pictures here are iPhone screens, but these apply to Android as well!

2. Removing: To remove a Friend, go to the Friends page and click the X to the right of their profile picture.

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