The Runkeeper Friends Guide

The Friends feature is designed to give you the ability to connect with your friends on Runkeeper and Facebook to cheer each other on, compare progress, and motive one another to achieve fitness goals. The Friends function integrates with many different facets of the Runkeeper web experience including your FitnessFeed, FitnessReports, Races and Training Plans. 

Finding Friends:


  • Search for Friends: Type in your Friends name either on the web or your RK app to do a user search for that user! This requires your Friend to have their Full Name entered.


  • Search for Friends: Either search for Runkeeper friends via your Facebook account, or invite contacts from your address book to join Runkeeper via email!


  • Local Users: If you include your location information in Profile settings, then go to the Friends tab in your Runkeeper web dashboard to see a recommendation list of Local RunKeeper Users, which is generated automatically based on your location information. This appears in a column along the left side. 

Inviting/Removing Friends:

1. Inviting: To send a Friend invite, go to user's profile page and click the + sign to the right of their profile picture.

2. Removing: To remove a Friend, go to the Friends page and click the X to the right of their profile picture.

Examples where you might run into Friends on

Friends Tab

Fitness Feed


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