How to Listen to Music While Using Runkeeper

How to Listen to Music On iPhone:

You can listen to music using iPhone's iTunes music app or Spotify through the Runkeeper app.

  • Open Runkeeper and go to your Start tab in the app
  • Select the Music grid.
  • On the Music Card you can choose a playlist from iTunes or Spotify.
    • The Spotify button will redirect you right to Spotify's running playlist page!
    • The iTunes Music app will display tracks at the top of the Runkeeper tracking screen, so you can pause and skips songs easily without leaving the app.
  • Please see the "Tips & Notes" section at the end of this page if you have trouble starting your music!


Prefer using Pandora or another app? Apple allows some third party music apps to run in the background, so you can also use them simultaneously with Runkeeper.

  • Open your preferred third party music app.
  • Select your music.
  • Open Runkeeper and start tracking.

To control music while tracking:

  • Swipe to your iPhone Control Center (shown in second screenshot below)
  • Navigate to your music app from your phone's home screen


How to Listen to Music On Android:

Third party music apps can simultaneously play with Runkeeper.

  • Open Runkeeper and go to your Start tab in the app
  • Select the Music grid.
  • On the Music Card you can choose a playlist from Google Play Music or Spotify.
    • After you select your preferred music player, you can decide if you want to use that music player "Always" or "Just Once" with the Runkeeper app.
    • Once you've chosen your music in that app, just minimize it and open up Runkeeper again to the Start screen to start tracking with your tunes.
  • While tracking you can bring down your music controls just by swiping down from the top of your screen.


Tips & Notes:

  • On iOS, if you are using the in-app music player to control music from your iOS Music App and the music does not start when you start your activity, try reinstalling the app. Just make sure all activities are synced to first!
  • If you find playing a third-party app's music along with tracking is crashing the app, make sure to close any additional apps not in use in the background.
  • If you are using a third-party app to listen to your music outside of the Runkeeper app and have audio cues enabled, please note that on iOS your music will completely mute so you can hear your audio cues. If you are listening to music within the app, the audio should just "duck" when your audio cue plays!
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