Runkeeper Go Features

Live Track
Runkeeper's Live Track feature lets you stream your GPS tracked activities on, allowing others to watch how you're doing in real-time. Whether you're running a race or out for a morning run, your friends and loved ones can watch how you're doing the entire time, giving them peace of mind and the ability to cheer you on from anywhere in the world. Learn how to use Live Track here!

Advanced Fitness Reports
Get more from your fitness data. Track your progress over time with advanced reports, and compare your activities against your friends to see how you stack up. You can learn how to use Advanced Fitness Reports in this article.

Premium Training Plans
Runkeeper Go members have unlimited access to our Personalized Race Training Plans! This feature incorporates a special formula for curating personalized plans, helping you reach your specific running and racing goals.

Prescribed Workouts
"Prescribed Workouts" is a brand-new training feature that schedules workouts in advance based on your schedule, ability, and what you want to accomplish! They're designed to keep you improving and in a routine even when you're not training for a specific event. To learn how to use Prescribed Workouts, check out this article.

Goal Coach (iOS only)
Goal Coach is accessible from the "My Plan" tab and helps walk you through the steps of determining an appropriate, challenging and achievable goal based on your experience level, schedule and a major objective.

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