Advanced Fitness Reports

You can gain some interesting insight with your Runkeeper Go subscription! 

In the Activities view, you can see:

  • Total Distance
  • Average Distance Per Activity
  • Total Duration
  • Average Duration Per Activity
  • Total Calories Burned
  • Average Calories Burned Per Activity
  • Average Speed
  • Average Pace
  • Total Elevation Climb
  • Average Elevation Climb Per Activity
  • Number of Activities
  • Average Heart Rate
In the Daily view, you can see:
  • Total Calories Burned Measured
  • Total Steps Taken
  • Average Calories Burned Passive
  • Average Steps Taken
In the Nutrition view, you can see:
  • Total Calories Consumed
  • Total Carbs Consumed
  • Total Protein Consumed
  • Total Fat Consumed
  • Total Fiber Consumed
  • Total Sodium Consumed
  • Average Calories Consumed
  • Average Carbs Consumed
  • Average Protein Consumed
  • Average Fat Consumed
  • Average Fiber Consumed
  • Average Sodium Consumed
In the Sleep view, you can see:
  • Total Sleep
  • Total Deep Sleep
  • Total REM Sleep
  • Total Light Sleep
  • Total Time Awake During Sleep
  • Total Number of Times Awoken During Sleep
  • Average Sleep per Night
  • Average Deep Sleep per Night
  • Average REM Sleep per Night
  • Average Light Sleep per Night
  • Average Awake Time per Night
  • Average Times Woken per Night
In the Strength Training view, you can see:
  • Max Weight Lifted
  • Max Reps
In the Vitals view, you can see:
  • Average Systolic Blood Pressure
  • Average Diastolic Blood Pressure
  • Average Resting Heart Rate

In the Weight view, you can see:

  • % Body Fat
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