About RunRank

What's RunRank?

RunRank is a Runkeeper Go feature that allows users to compare their Speed/Pace and Elevation between two similar runs!

How to use RunRank

After you've selected and are looking at the trip, you should see an area above your notes where it says similar to "Fastest Trip (3-5mi)." This informs you of how fast it is compared to other trips of similar distances. The compared distance will usually be 1 Mile or Kilometer on either side. So if you have a 5 mile trip, it'll compare your trip to any trips between 4 and 6 miles long. If it's 5 kilometers it'll display trips that are between 4 and 6 kilometers long.


If you tap that tab, you'll be presented with two screens, where you can look at where your run Ranks compared to other runs, and then another where you can actually select another run to compare the trip to. You'll be presented with the Pace/Speed chart, and then you can swipe left to view the Elevation comparison.

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