How To Import GPX/TCX/FIT Files On The Runkeeper Website

Follow the steps below to import GPX/TCX/FIT data:

Step 1: Record activity with device (e.g. Garmin/Polar)

Step 2: Download activity to supported application (e.g. Garmin Connect or Polar ProTrainer)

Step 3: Select workout and export as GPX, TCX, or FIT to your computer

Step 4: Login to Runkeeper, click Log on the top menu bar, then choose activity type and click Next to add a map


Step 5: Select Upload Map



Step 6: Choose GPX or TCX file from your computer and click Next


Step 7: Enter activity details, and Save


If you experience trouble getting accurate data from your GPX/TCX import, try using our partner app Fit2App.  Fit2App will take your Garmin or Polar data and sync it to your Runkeeper app!

***Note: Only GPX/TCX/FIT files with GPS data can be imported to our website at this time. This feature does not support indoor activities or data from standalone watch trips -- sorry about that!

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