Live Track ("Broadcast Live")

Enabling Live Track

The Live Track feature is only available to Runkeeper Go members. Learn more about Runkeeper Go. (Non-Runkeeper Go users will still be able to track you!)

See below for instructions on how to activate Live Track. Once you've activated Live Track, your Live activities can be viewed by others if they go to your public profile ( 

Important: If you share to Twitter or Facebook, they will be able to find the live tracking link and will then be able to view a basic, static page with your location on it, that page will require manual refreshing to view your updated location. Those viewing a Live tracking link with a Runkeeper account will be able to view a more detailed, auto-refreshing page. 

First things first!

  • Log into your Runkeeper account and visit Privacy & Sharing settings.
  • Set activities and activity maps to Everyone.
  • Go to your Promotions & Privacy page and make sure the "Keep my profile & account private" box is not checked off

How to turn on Live Track through the Runkeeper mobile app:


  • Open the Runkeeper mobile app.
  • In the lower right-hand corner of the map, tap on the broadcasting icon
  • Switch the Broadcast Live toggle to the "On" position (shown on the right)
  • Return to the Start Screen by tapping "New Activity" in the upper left corner.
  • Right now the options to share a link of your activity to Facebook or Twitter are not functioning, but the team is working to get that fixed!




  • Open the Runkeeper mobile app.
  • Right on the Start tab, click the Live Track button on the top right hand corner of the upper menu.
  • Switch the "Broadcast Live" button into the "On" position
  • Select whether you want to auto-post to Twitter and Facebook when you begin a new live activity.
  • Return to the Start Screen and begin tracking!


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