How To Merge/Delete A Duplicate Account

From time to time Runkeeper users accidentally open two accounts under different or misspelt emails. Follow these steps to merge and delete a duplicate account:

Merge Duplicate Account:

1. Decide which account you would like to keep and which account you would like to delete **HELPFUL TIP: if you have a Runkeeper Go subscription on your account do not delete that account! Also, make sure you keep the account that has the most activities on it!**
2. Sign into the account you would like to delete.
3. If there are no activities in this account precede to the "Delete Duplicate Account" steps.
4. If there are activities follow these steps to export data.
5. Sign out of duplicate account and sign into the account you would like to keep.
6. Import your duplicate account data by following these steps (starting at step 4).
7. Sign back into the account you would like to delete and follow the steps below.

Note: At this time you can only import GPX/TCX files into Runkeeper one by one, there is no bulk import option.

Delete Duplicate Account:

1. Visit your RunKeeper Settings.
2. Scroll to the bottom section "Promotions & Privacy."
3. Click the blue text "Delete Your Account" at the bottom of the page.
4. On the next screen, select the "Yes, please delete my Runkeeper account" link.

For visuals click here.

Once you have deleted the duplicate account, if you would like to change your primary email address on the account you decided to keep, log into your preferred account and go to email settings.

Note: if you have a Runkeeper Go subscription, be sure to merge your data into the Runkeeper Go account!

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