How To Merge Duplicate Accounts

If you're reading this, you may have accidentally opened two accounts under different or misspelt emails. No problem! Follow these steps to merge and delete a duplicate account.

Important Notes Before Proceeding:

  • Be sure that all of your activities from the app have synced to
    • If they haven't synced and you log out of the account on the phone, those activities will be lost. If you see red triangles next to any activities, follow these steps before proceeding to the next instructions.
  • If you have a Runkeeper Go subscription on your account, do not delete that account!
  • Keep the account that has the most activities in it -- this makes merging easier! If you have an account with less activities, but you have a Runkeeper Go subscription, email and we can help with this.


Merge Duplicate Account:

1. Decide which account you would like to keep and which account you would like to delete.
2. Sign into the account you would like to delete.
3. If there are no activities in this account, skip to the "Delete Duplicate Account" steps.
4. If there are activities, follow these steps to export data.
5. Sign out of duplicate account and sign into the account you would like to keep.
6. Import your duplicate account data. You can bulk import up to 100 activity files at a time following these steps. (Note: bulk import will automatically import all activities as running. You can import an individual activity and assign it a different activity type by following these steps).
7. Sign back into the account you would like to delete and follow the steps below.
8. Follow the steps in this article to delete your extra account. 

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