How to Cancel a Runkeeper Go Subscription

Cancelling a service shouldn't be a hassle, which is why we want to make cancelling your Runkeeper Go subscription as easy as possible. If after reading this article you have any trouble with the cancellation process, please contact our Support team through the link at the end of this page. We are always happy to help!

Purchases Made On
Follow these steps if you subscribed to Runkeeper Go on our website:

  1. Log on to and tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to your Settings page.
  2. Go to your Purchase History.
  3. On the Purchase History page you will see a list of payments you have made.
  4. Find the Actions column and hit the blue X button to "Cancel Subscription."      


Purchases Made in the iPhone App

  • If you subscribed to Runkeeper Go in the Apple App Store/iTunes, please log into the App Store with your Apple ID and cancel your subscription through iTunes. 
    • If you're in a mobile browser, click here to open your purchase settings directly in the Apple App Store.
    • Read more about how to cancel an iOS in-app purchase here.
    • If you have trouble cancelling your subscription, please contact Apple iTunes Support hereDue to limitations, we regrettably can't cancel on your behalf, but Apple can help with this!


Purchases Made in the Android App

  • To cancel a purchase made through the Runkeeper app on Android, please log into your Google Play Store account.
    • Read more about how to cancel an Android in-app purchase here.

If you have trouble cancelling in Google Play:

  • Please contact Runkeeper Support using the link at the end of this page and provide your Runkeeper login email address and the email address you used to purchase in Google Play if it's different from your login address.
  • If we can't locate the purchase with your email address, we will need your Google Play order number, also called the GPA number. Please have this ready if possible!
    • Your Google Play order number can be found in your purchase confirmation email from Google Play.
      • If you can't find this email, you can navigate to, log in to your Google account, and select the relevant purchase from Runkeeper. You can find the Transaction ID near the bottom of the receipt.
      • Just send us a screenshot including that 17- or 18-digit number and we can locate your purchase.

Note: After 48 hours have passed since purchasing, you may cancel your subscription at any time to avoid additional charges, but your Runkeeper Go subscription status will remain in effect until the next payment was to be due.

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