How to update your Weight & Body Measurements

On the Runkeeper home page right after you sign in, you will see a Body Measurements section next to your FitnessFeed. If you have yet to input your weight, you can do so by selecting the "Enter Your Weight" button.

If you've already entered your weight you can update it by selecting "Update." Enter your Weight, and % Body Fat, and then select Submit. Your updated measurements will be added to your profile!

To edit past measurements, follow the steps above, and then simply change the date you wish to update.


So many ways to update your weight in the Runkeeper app! You can tap on the "Log" tab from the Start Screen to reveal a menu OR tap on the Weight cell in the Profile Settings Tab.

Both actions will reveal your weight input options as seen in the screens below! You'll see the yellow dotted line fluctuate according to your weight changes.


 From the Start Screen select "Log" in the upper right hand corner!

Then select "Enter Weight" to enter your current day's weight. You can enter your weight from a previous day by selecting "Weigh In" and changing the date!


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