How to link your account to Facebook and/or Twitter

1. Linking your Runkeeper account to Facebook is simple! Head over to your Settings, then click Apps in navigation menu on the left

2. Under Apps click the link to Facebook and you should receive a Facebook pop up for publishing Runkeeper activities to Facebook. Be sure you click Allow.

3. When your account is linked to Facebook, the "Status" will appear as "Connected" followed by the message, "Your Runkeeper account is linked with the Facebook account for (your_name)."

On The Web:

On iPhone:

1. Go to your "Me" tab.

2. Choose "Apps, Services, and Devices."

3. Select the app you'd like to connect to, you may be prompted to login to your Facebook or Twitter accounts to verify the connection. Once you do that you'll be all set! 

On Android:

1. Expand the menu on the top left corner of your screen and choose "Settings"

2. Scroll down and select "Apps, Services, and Devices," located under "Manage Connections."

3. Choose the app you'd like to connect to.

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