How to Link Your Runkeeper Account to Twitter

Linking Account to Twitter:

  1. Linking your Runkeeper account to Twitter is easy, go to Settings then click Apps in left navigation menu.
  2. Under "Apps" you will see the Twitter icon with a link to the right that says "Connect to Twitter!"
  3. Click "Connect to Twitter" and a pop up box will appear to authorize your Twitter account. Then you're all set!

Removing Twitter:

  1. Head to, go to Settings, then click Apps in left navigation menu.
  2. Next to the Twitter icon there will be a link that says "Disable Application Access."  Clicking this will remove authorization from Runkeeper.

Troubleshooting Tips: If any of the above steps are bringing you to pages where you can not see the information described, try clearing your browser cache! Also note, is best optimized for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Internet Explorer, not so much. 

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