How To Change Sharing Settings For Activities And Maps

To change the sharing settings for activities and activity maps, select Account Settings from the gear shaped drop down menu in the top right corner of the page.

From your settings page, select Sharing on the left sidebar. You can then select one of three sharing options from the drop down menu:

  • Everyone
  • Friends
  • Just Me

Then select Save Sharing Settings at the bottom in order to update your settings.

*Please note that this change is not retroactive! If you would like to update an old activity to be visible by everyone, select the activity and then click the edit link above the top right corner of the activity summary. Then scroll down until you reach the Data section; below the Date of Activity calendar, you can change the “Activity Viewable by:” to one of the above three options. Then click Save at the bottom of the activity, and your viewing settings will be updated.

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