Commenting On a Friend's Activity

Giving words of encouragement can be a powerful source of motivation. Comment on your friends' activities to show your support!
In the App:
  • View your friends' activities on the Feed tab.
  • Select the activity you want to comment on and tap the speech bubble icon.
    • This button will redirect you to your friend's activity screen.
  • Write a friendly comment in the comment box!
  • You can also Like an activity by tapping the heart icon.


There are two ways to comment on a friend's activity on the website:

  • Option 1: If you are friends with the Runkeeper user, you can comment on their latest activities via the Feed screen. Click the Comment button, write some words of encouragement, and click Post Comment.

  • Option 2: Visit a user's profile page.
    • Go to the Activities tab in the top navigation bar
    • Choose from a list of the user's activities sorted by date.
    • Select the activity you'd like to comment on and scroll beneath the map and charts to share some encouragement in the comment box.
    • Click Post Comment when you're done.


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