How To View Or Comment On A Friend's Activity


There are two ways to view or comment on a friend's activity:

  • If you are friends with another Runkeeper user, you can view or comment on their latest activities via the Feed. To drop some lines of encouragement, click the Comment button, enter your witty prose, and click Post.

  • You can also view or comment on an activity by visiting the user's profile page and selecting the Activities tab in the top navigation bar. Here you'll be able to view that activity's map and statistics. If you'd like to comment, scroll beneath the Elevation/Pace chart and drop some clever words of encouragement in the comment box

Mobile App
To comment on a friend's activity in the app, just find the activity on your mobile feed. Once you find the activity, just press the speech bubble button and you will be redirected to the activity's page. You'll then be able to add your comment to your friend's activity! You can also 'Like' your friend's activities by pressing the heart button on the Feed!
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