How To Make Up A Missed Training Plan Workout

Miss a workout because you're sick, the weather's bad or you just can't make it? Don't worry!

You can complete the plan however you like! Our training plans are designed to follow a fixed schedule, but you have the flexibility to workout at your convenience prior to the end date. Miss a training session? Check out what to do below!

A couple scenarios you might run into:

  1. You missed one of your workouts on the assigned date, but still want to complete it. Just find the workout in your Training Tab, click the Select button and then hit the road to make up for lost time!
  2. Maybe you're staring down a planned workout for later in the evening, but you're simply not feeling it. No problem! Just Skip it by clicking the Arrow button. It will then appear in yellow, rather than the dreaded red. Follow the steps in scenario 1 to complete this workout at a later date :)





Also, if you complete a workout any day other than you were "supposed" to and didn't complete the steps above, just follow the instructions here, and you'll be able to link your activity to your plan without a problem.

Remember!  Training Plans are designed so that everyone in the programs completes the workout on the same day, so you can support and motivate your each other as you complete the plan together. Try your best to follow the schedule to keep up with the other members, but feel free to adjust your schedule as you need.

If for some reason, you've fallen too far behind and wish to change the dates on your plan, please read the article here

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