Available Training Plans

By going to our Training Plan page, you can see all of our available free plans as well as plans exclusive to Runkeeper Go members!

Here's the list of plans:

Free Plans

Beginner 5K

Running 4 Fat Loss

Sub 55 minute 10K
Sub 60 minute 10K
Sub 65 minute 10K

Beginner Half Marathon
Sub 2:00 Half Marathon
Sub 2:15 Half Marathon
Sub 2:30 Half Marathon
San Francisco Half Marathon - 8, 12 or 18 weeks
Intermediate Half Marathon

Beginner Marathon/ To Finish
Sub 4 Hour Marathon
Sub 3:45 Marathon
Sub 3:30 Marathon
San Francisco Marathon - 8, 12 or 18 weeks

Free with Runkeeper Go
Sub-30 minute 5K
Beginner 5K "To Finish"

Run/Walk Beginner Half Marathon
2:20 Half - Run/Walk/Run

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