How to view your Training Plan workout schedule


  1. Click the Start tab 
  2. Select Workout 
  3. Select Jump to Training Plan
  4. Scroll through the "weeks" bar at the top or the individual days to find certain workouts
  • Upcoming workouts appear in blue
  • Completed workouts appear in green
  • Missed workouts appear in orange
  • Skipped workouts appear in grey
Your workout schedule is also accessible in the My Plan tab and it will look the same as the Training Plan workout section. This shows all of your past workouts as well as other activities and future workouts. Signing up for multiple plans may result in a pretty noisy Activities feed, so, try to limit the number of plans you're in if you want a pretty feed!


  1. Click the Training tab
  2. Select your current Training Plan 
  3. Select Workout Schedule
  4. Scroll through the list of dates to find certain workouts


  1. Click on the Me Tab from your homepage
  2. Click on the Training tab
  3. Select your plan under the Current Training Plans section
  4. The workout schedule will default to a Monthly view, but you can always switch to Weekly view. Within your view, press the Previous and Next buttons to check out your entire workout schedule!

You can also click on any day to view the details of a specific workout!
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