How To Move The Date Of Your Pre-Built Training Plan

We have recently added feature that allows our users to move their Training Plan start/end week forward in time. You ready for it?

Note: This article applies only to pre-built training plans on the web, not to ASICS personalized training plans or prescribed workout plans available through the app. To adjust dates for race plans, you will need to end the plan and start a new one, as there is currently not a way to adjust dates on a current plan-- but it's on our radar, so stay tuned!

Here are the steps to change your plan date:

  • Visit (moving a plan cannot be done from the mobile app)
  • Visit the Me tab 
  • Select the Training tab
  • Select the Current Training Plan you'd like to change
  • Hit the Adjust Plan Dates button

You'll see a pop-up screen with two options to change the date:
1. Manually move it forward by selecting a new end date or the number of weeks forward

1a. Automatically move it forward by pressing the Put Me Back on Track button**

Hit the green Move It button to save your changes.

**Put Me Back on Track: This is good for someone who has completed a few workouts, maybe dropped off due to injury or a nasty cold, and is just looking to get back up to "speed."**

By pressing the Put Me Back on Track button, we will find the last time you completed a workout and push the plan forward by the number of weeks missed.

Good example is this:

  • Today is Thursday, July 11th
  • Your last completed workout was Thursday, June 27th; two weeks ago.
  • Pressing the Put Me Back on Track button will push all your workouts and plan forward two weeks

What is auto-skip?

If you've moved your plan forward, BUT, there are still planned workouts in the past, then, you have the following option:

  1. If you leave the Auto-Skip box unchecked, those past missed workouts will still appear in Orange as Incomplete
  2. If you check the Auto-Skip box, those past missed workouts will now appear in Grey as Skipped

Can I move a plan backwards?

Not yourself, but if you'd like to do this, please submit a support ticket by clicking the 'Submit a Request' and include the following information:

  • UserID/Email
  • Current Training Plan Start and/or End Date
  • Requested Training Plan Start and/or End Date
  • Awesome Running GIF (optional, but highly encouraged)

When we originally designed the system to support training plans we set them up to begin on Sundays with a day offset determined by the trainer. Because of the way the system is designed, we can't shift plans backwards or forwards by less than one week, since they're fixed by week.  Sorry about that!

Happy Training!

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