How To Create A Route (And Use It!)

There are two methods to create a Route, manually & from a previous activity

How to manually create a new Route

  • Log into
  • Go to Routes by selecting your "Me Tab" and then "Routes"
  • Click on the green button with a + symbol, and plot your route
  • When plotting is complete, enter route type, name, description, and set who the route is "Viewable By"
  • Finally, select Save, and your new route will be added to your routes

Pro Tip: Use "Snap to roads" to keep your path along streets. Right click to delete points. Switch views by clicking on the mountain icon if you need to see satellite view!

You can access your new route right from your phone!

1. From the Start Screen tap on map icon on the left side of the screen underneath "Select your music". (for Android users a Route button will be right above the "Go Running" button)

2. Tap on your preferred route from your list of saved routes

 3. Make sure the route is the one you want, and then tap on Select

**If you have completed workouts on this route before, you can see them listed with your stats below the route map**

4. Select "Start Free Run" to begin your workout (for Android just select "Go Running"). You can swipe the screen to the right to view the route while you are out on the road! (or trail)

Create a route from a previous activity

  • Go to your Activities page on
  • Find the activity you would like to set as a route
  • Select activity, then find link to “Make this a Route” in map footer
  • Once added, you can edit map, route type, name, description and who can see it
  • When finished, select Save, and the route will be added to your routes!

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