Types of Goals

You can create four types of goals. 

1. Achieving a cumulative distance (Total Distance)

    • Run, bike, walk or swim a cumulative distance by a set date
    • Ex. Bike a total of 50 miles by August 1, 2018

2. Finishing a race

    • Complete a running, cycling, walking or triathlon race
    • Set the race day by using the 'End Date' option
    • Ex. Run a Half Marathon on August 19, 2020

3. Weight Loss 

    • Input your current weight
    • Set your target weight
    • Set the end date to determine the time remaining to complete your goal
    • Ex. Lose 10 pounds by August 30, 2020

4. Achieve a Target Distance For a Single Activity (Longest Distance)

  • Run, bike, walk or swim the longest distance by a set date
  • Ex. Complete a 1 mile swim by November 1, 2020


If you're having trouble with a cumulative distance goal where your activities are not adding to your progress, make sure that you have chosen the correct Goal type and did not choose a Target Distance Goal.

Note: You cannot set multiple goals within the same category

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