Runkeeper's Mobile FitnessFeed

What should I see in my mobile FitnessFeed?

To navigate to your FitnessFeed on iOS, just navigate to the Friend's tab on the Start Screen. On Android select Start and then the Friend's tab

1. All trip photos attached to your friend's trips!

2. Goal Milestones

3. Completion of a goal

4. Number of Likes and Comments. The first 3 comments are displayed, then, you have to click through to see the rest.

5. Activity Notes

6. Personal Records 

7. Extra stats. Anytime you've improved your pace, elevation or distance by 2%, over the course of a 10 activity max, we'll display something like this:

8. Occasionally Runkeeper will show you a preview of a blog entry from our blog Beyond the Miles. We like to give you guys a few tips & tricks to help you reach your goals! But don't worry, we won't start spamming you all the time!

How will push notifications work?

  • By default, you will receive a notification for any like or comment on your activity.
  • We don't ping you when someone else comments or likes an activity you've previously commented/liked. None of that Facebook stuff here.

What can't I see in my FitnessFeed?

  • Third-party app activities, such as strength training or sleep. Only Runkeeper activity is viewable on the mobile feed!
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