Understanding Runkeeper's Mobile FitnessFeed

What should I see in my mobile FitnessFeed?

Navigate to your Feed tab in the app to see:

- Your friends' GPS maps and indoor Stopwatch activities (your own activities will appear here too!)


- Goal milestones

- Likes and comments from your friends

- Notes your friends write about their trips

- Personal records 

- Extra stats such as pace, elevation, or distance improvements by 2% over the course of a 10-activity max

- The pictures you and your friends take during their trips


Note: If you're not seeing certain friends' activities, it's possible their account is set to private or viewable to "Just Me" in their personal account settings.

Push Notifications

  • By default, you will receive a notification for any like or comment on your activity.
  • We don't ping you when someone else comments or likes an activity you've previously commented/liked. 

What can't I see in my FitnessFeed?

  • Third-party app activities, such as strength training or sleep from other apps. Only Runkeeper activity is viewable on the mobile feed.
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