"Like" Runkeeper in the App Store

Here at Runkeeper HQ we have a small team committed to making the world a healthier place for every body. If you've enjoyed using the App and find it helps you lead a more active life, we would love a "Like."

You can "Like" Runkeeper on the new App store in iOS7, as long as you've synced your Facebook account in your phone's Settings! Here's how to do so: 

1) Go to your iPhone's Settings icon

2) Scroll down and select the Facebook button

3) Enter your FB username and password (if you haven't already)


4) Press Sign In

5) Head over to the Runkeeper app and hit the Settings tab

6) Select "Love Runkeeper? Rate Us!"

7) Once inside the App Store view, click on Reviews and then select the Like button inside the Facebook section

Thank you so much for your support of Runkeeper!

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