How To Delete An Activity

If you have an activity on your account that you no longer wish to have, either someone tagged you in their activity or the GPS was askew, there are various options to remove that activity. Please remember that deleting an activity is A PERMANENT ACTION. You cannot retrieve the activity, the support team can not retrieve the activity, it will be wiped off our servers and disappear forever.

There are pop-up notifications in place to notify you that the activity will be permanently deleted, you will have to confirm before deleting, which will give you some time to go back on that action if you choose. There are steps below to delete from mobile and from web! 

Deleting via the web:

  • Sign into your account on
  • Navigate to the activity you wish to delete in your activity list
  • Click on the "v" in the upper right hand corner to reveal drop down
  • Select "Delete Activity" and then confirm

Deleting via iOS:

  • Navigate to your Me Tab while signed into the Runkeeper app
  • Click on the Activities cell
  • Choose the activity in the list you wish to delete
  • Scroll to bottom of the Summary page and tap Edit
  • Select the Trash icon in the top left-hand corner and confirm Yes to Delete.


Deleting via Android:

  • Navigate to your Me Tab while signed into the Runkeeper app
  • Click on the Activities cell
  • Navigate to the activity in the list you wish to delete
  • Click on the three dots button in the upper right hand corner
  • Select "Delete Activity" and then confirm


Unfortunately if you delete an activity accidentally there is no way for us to retrieve it. However, you can always remap the activity online and manually input your activity stats! For more information on how to do this, click here

Important Note:

Some people may be confused about how activity data is stored by Runkeeper - they might delete their workout on the website thinking it will stay on their mobile app. This is not the case! When you track an activity and save, that data syncs to our servers and then displays on If any changes are made on, that data will sync back to your phone. The activity on the web and on your mobile device is the same activity, not a copy of an activity.

Think of it this way: If you have a Facebook account and decide to delete a photo on your Facebook app, that photo will also delete from the web version of Facebook. If you're logged into the same account, any changes you make affect both web and mobile. A similar situation would be if you have a banking app and decide to pay a bill. If you log into that account on the web, the web will also reflect that payment. Same account, same information!

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