Elevation/Calorie Issues

There are times during the syncing process where you may notice a discrepancy in your elevation. While this is not common, it is a glitch that occurs sometimes when pulling elevation detail post-workout from the third-party topological service Topocoding. 


  • Elevation is abnormally high (in the thousands) when it's generally in the hundreds.
  • Elevation on a route you run regularly is higher than normal though pace, distance, duration are all typical.
  • Calorie calculation on similar route is too low due to discrepancies in elevation


While this is an issue with elevation we are always working to improve, there is an easy fix you can perform today to get your activity stats back on track!

1. Just head to and navigate to the activity you believe is reporting inaccurate elevation. Tap on the 'v' button in the upper right hand corner to edit.

2. Zoom in on the map (make sure 'Snap to roads' is disabled) and move one trip point ever so slightly as to not change any distance. Then select, "Save".

That method should resolve the elevation glitch and get all your data updated. This data will automatically sync back to your Runkeeper app on your device. 



Stay informed:

If you would like us to inform you the moment this issue is fixed and an update is released, just click on the "Submit a request" button below. Fill in the form with the subject line, "Elevation Issues" and a description of the exact problem you're having! 

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