Understanding Permissions

Why do you need to access my microphone? Why are you requesting my contact information? Why are you trying to access my location?

We realize mobile permissions can be confusing. Apps like ours require certain information to offer you the best experience. Don't worry -- everything is safe with us! Below is a brief explanation as to why we need certain permissions. 

In-App PurchasesWhile the Runkeeper app is free to use and download, we also offer an optional subscription service called Runkeeper Go for users who want more features, like extra data insights and personalized training plans.

You can purchase Runkeeper Go in-app, which is why we need that permission. For a list of Runkeeper Go features, click here.

Identity: This permission is also known as the "Accounts" permissions. In order to allow users to log in easily through Google+, Apple ID, or Facebook, Runkeeper needs access to this account information stored on your phone. 

Contacts/Calendar: Statistically, users who have friends on Runkeeper or share to social media tend to be more active in general. This permission is in place in the event you would like to invite a friend to Runkeeper or search for a friend who already uses Runkeeper through the Friends Tab.

We DO NOT (and can not) store contact information. The permission is for your use only.

Location: We hope this one is self-explanatory, but we need to use your location to track your workouts! The GPS hardware exists on your phone and Runkeeper needs this permission in order to use that GPS.

Photos/Media/Files: We have over 60 million users spanning the globe and working out in different climates and environments. This permission is so our users can share their activity trip photos with their friends and family! 

Camera/microphone: Camera usage is necessary for use of our in-app camera, making taking pictures quick and easy. As for the microphone permission, wearable devices are more popular than ever and some even have voice capabilities, so we want to support you no matter what device you're using to track.


We hope this provides clarification! We know allowing apps to access your information can be concerning, but please know that we value your trust and you should expect 100% transparency from us. Plus, we have strict security in place to protect our large user base from harm. Super strict. Imagine a bank guarded by robots. And then imagine our colleague who drinks coffee all day and works on weekends (by choice), leading a brave team of data security officers. The latter is safer.

Simply put, the information you provide us is completely safe, and should you have any questions, we welcome you to contact our friendly support team! We're happy to help ease your mind. :) Thanks so much for tracking with us!

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