Apple HealthKit

How To Connect

  1. Head to your Me tab in the app and navigate to your Runkeeper Settings by clicking on the toggle in the top right corner
  2. Select Apps, Services, and Devices
  3. Tap on the Apple Health cell
  4. Select which read and write data you would like Runkeeper to sync to HealthKit - as of now, we don't pull data from Health into Runkeeper, but these permissions are in place to make things easier if that changes in the future!



What Data Syncs to HealthKit 

Any walking, running, or cycling activity completed or logged through the Runkeeper app.




What Data Does Not Sync to HealthKit 

  1. Third-party data (i.e. TomTom, Garmin)
  2. Any RK activity that was NOT tracked on an iOS9 or above device. (i.e. iPod, iOS7, iOS6)
  3. Historical Runkeeper data
  4. Manually inputted activities from the Runkeeper website
  5. Weight 
  6. Pocket Track activities
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