How To Turn Off All Audio Cues

How To Turn OFF Audio Cues:

It's so easy it will surprise you.


Just go to your Start screen in the app and tap on the cell that says Audio Stats. If it already says "None" in that cell then you've already turned them off. Then just make sure you've switched the toggle next to "Enable" to the off position. 




Go to your Start screen in the app and tap into the Audio Stats cell. On the next screen just make sure you've toggled them off! It's that simple. 



Already started your activity and you accidentally have your audio cues on?

That's no problem! Just tap the icon in the bottom right corner of your tracking screen (this is the same for both iPhone and Android). From there you'll see you can toggle Audio Stats off. On Android you'll just want to uncheck the box next to audio stats and then tap "OK".


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