How to use Runkeeper with Android Wear

As many of you have probably noticed, the Runkeeper app is now compatible with Android Wear! This will allow you to start and control Runkeeper activities just by speaking into your watch (yes, the future is here). 

Step 1: Connect your Android Wear device with your Android mobile phone

When you first unbox your Android Wear it will require you to sync it up with your phone. In order to do this just download the Android Wear app from the Google Play Store. There will be a few simple instructions to follow and your phone and watch should be connected in no time!

Step 2: Download Runkeeper (if you don't already have it)

The Android Wear watch is essentially just an extension of your phone, but on your wrist! If you download Runkeeper on your phone it should automatically sync with your watch (as long as it is within bluetooth range of your phone). 

  • Note: Your Runkeeper app must be updated to version 4.6.3 or later!

Step 3: Test out your new wearable and go for a run!

This is where things get pretty cool. To start an activity from your watch you will need to wake the watch up by tapping the screen. Then you can either: 

  • say "Okay Google, Track a run/bike/or workout"


  • tap the screen again and say "Track a run/bike/or workout"

Then you should see this screen that will display all your activity stats!

Swiping this screen to the left will give you the options to "pause" or "stop" your activity 

At any time in your workout you can place the palm of your hand on the face of your watch to put it to sleep. Your activity will still track, your watch screen however will dim (good for battery saving). When you want to wake your watch up just tap the screen of the watch and find the Runkeeper card. Swipe this card to the left and you will have the option to "Show stats". Clicking this button will bring you back to the original Runkeeper screen where you can see your current stats!

When you are ready to end your workout you can swipe to the left and hit the "stop" button. Or you can click the microphone at the top of the Runkeeper stats screen and speak the word "stop". 

Note: The microphone will also respond to "Pause/Resume" as well. This microphone however will not allow you to search the web or do any functionality outside of the Runkeeper app.

When you finish up your workout you will be presented with a card of your activity summary. Hopefully your activity will be a little more intensive than mine (I sat in a chair for 3:48 and burnt 0 calories...). You can swipe this screen away and you will be brought back to the main watch screen.


Important Notes:

  • Android Wear watches are: LG G Watch, Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smart Watch 3 
  • Your watch connects to your Android phone. Therefore, you must have both on your person in order to track a run with your watch! (Smart Watch 3 and Moto 360 with Built in GPS are the only watches that can be used without your phone)
  • You can start an activity from your phone and a Runkeeper card will appear on your watch
  • At this time you can not start an activity by clicking the Runkeeper app from the app list on your Android Wear device
  • Android Wear currently recognizes "Track a Walk" as "Track a run". There is currently no way to track a walk through the watch
  • Using the "Track a workout" command will cause the app to use your last tracked activity type
  • For foreign voice commands open up your Android Wear app and you will see a list of Runkeeper commands (in the language your device is set to) 
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