What should I do if my activity history is missing?

Did you log onto your phone, or maybe check out your web account, to discover that all your activities are missing? You're not alone, and this could be caused by just a bit of confusion! Let's figure out where your activities went and get you back out there.

First, it's possible that you've just created a new account by mistake!  There are a couple of ways to determine whether you've created two accounts, based on whichever channel is not showing your activities.

If your activities don't appear on the Runkeeper website: Check the "Settings" menu in the phone app, and look at the email address listed there. If that's a different address than what you're logging into the website with, that's why your activities are not visible in your account. Just log out of the website and log back in with the address shown on the app, and you should be all set!

If your activities are no longer visible in the app: Check out the Settings menu of the app to see what email address is listed there. Then, log out the app, and keep trying to log in with any and all email addresses you have. This should include the ones you use for Facebook, Google Play, or your Apple ID. People often think they signed up with a different email address, and when prompted to log back in or sign up, it's easy to get confused and use the wrong one!

On a similar note, if you're missing a portion of your activity history and discover that it's in another account, you'll want to put them together! Check out this article to learn how to merge your current account with your other account.

Lots of people have had success finding their activities by following those steps. If you try these steps and still haven't found your activities, please log a ticket and we'll be happy to check around our databases for you!

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