How to Safely Uninstall/Reinstall the Runkeeper App (Android)

Have you been instructed by our support team to uninstall/reinstall the Runkeeper app? If so, there are a few steps to follow that will ensure you don't lose any of your activity history (we know how hard you worked for it)!

Here are the steps you'll want to take to prevent losing any activities:

1. Go to and look at your activity totals in the Me Tab. The activities listed on our website are the activities that have successfully saved to our servers!

2. Check to see if the total number of activities on the website matches the total number of activities on your phone.  If so, you're all set!

3. If the totals are different, scroll through the activity list on your phone and compare it to the activity list visible on

4. When you discover activities on your phone that haven't made it over to our servers yet, you will want to resend those before uninstalling! To resend those over to the website, just select the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand corner and then Resend to

Once all of your activities are synced up with our servers it is safe to uninstall/reinstall the app! Just go into the Google Play Store and uninstall Runkeeper. Once the app is uninstalled you should restart your phone and then reinstall the Runkeeper app!


  • One-off workouts are saved locally and will be lost when uninstalling/reinstalling the app. If you have one-off workouts you want to keep you should write down all the specifics of the workout so you can recreate it later!
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