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Do you love Spotify? Do you wish you could stream Spotify while tracking with Runkeeper? Do you wish your Spotify music could match the tempo you're running? Well do we have good news for you! With our iPhone v6.7 release, now you can! (Stay tuned for this feature coming to Android!) 

How do I start using Spotify Running?

  1. Make sure you're connected to a network! This integration only works with an internet connection
  2. After logging into your Runkeeper app, head over to your start screen and tap on the Music grid
  3. Select Spotify from the Music Card


Now what do I do?

  1. The Spotify app will automatically open to Spotify Running (you may need to login to Spotify first)
  2. Here you'll see a selection of Spotify Running playlists! Once you browse the offerings, click on the playlist of your choice & press 'Start Run'.
  3. You'll automatically be brought back into the Runkeeper app, you'll see your playlist selected in the music cell & you'll hear an audio cue say "start running to detect tempo"
  4. Tap on "Start Free Run" and you're playlist will start and you're ready to use Spotify Running! After you've started running you should hear your playlist come on


 What if I want to use one of my own Spotify Playlists?

You will not be able to use your own playlists you've created in Spotify for the Spotify Running feature. If you want to just listen to your own playlists find them in Spotify and start playing your music then go back to Runkeeper and start your activity (stay tuned for improvements with this!)

***If you're seeing higher data usage attributed to Runkeeper, this is due to the integration. Streaming Spotify in the Runkeeper app requires a data connection, even if the playlist is offline.***

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