Pebble Watch + Runkeeper

Important Update

Pebble has shut down their company and will no longer manufacture Pebble devices. As long as Runkeeper continues to work with Pebble's latest update, we'll continue to support the integration, but that support might become more limited in the future. If you would like to learn more about Pebble's situation, check out their last blog post here on their website.


The Pebble Watch is an awesome way to check in on your Runkeeper stats mid-run without having to pull your phone out of your pocket or wrestle it out of an arm band! Your Pebble watch is compatible with Runkeeper right out of the box, and will have you up and running in no time. 

How to Connect Pebble + Runkeeper

  1. Unbox your Pebble and connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth (there will be an initial set-up process to configure the watch)
  2. Once the Pebble is connected to your phone, open up the Runkeeper app on your smartphone
  3. On the Start Screen of Runkeeper, you will see a watch icon (top of screen for iOS, bottom of screen for Android) 
  4. Start an activity from the phone and watch as your stats are reflected right onto the Pebble 

How to Control Runkeeper via Pebble

  • You must start your Runkeeper activity from the phone
  • To pause/resume an activity press middle button on the right side of your Pebble 
  • To stop/save an activity you will need to do so from the phone
  • To change your music while tracking an activity start by pressing the button on the left of the Pebble to bring up the home screen
    • Click the middle button on the right of the Pebble to bring up your apps. Click on your music player to change the song
    • Once you have changed the song, click the button on the left of the Pebble again to bring you back to the home screen
    • Click the middle button of on the right hand side to bring up your apps and scroll down to Runkeeper
    • When you select Runkeeper your activity stats will display once again


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